Monday, August 25, 2008

perfume, politics, and everything else?

a blog, if it is to be more than a collection of personal expressions, requires a thematic anchor, and this blog's anchor is perfume, something i am very interested in and spend far too much money on :-). but a blog is also a flexible means of publicly expressing one's views (if anyone is listening - question: do blogs exist, if nobody reads them :-) ?). so why not also talk about matters of possible public interest, the political, when the opportunity arises? perhaps even linking them to perfume in some material or allegorical way or another. and, ocassionally, everything else, i.e. my personal interests and reflections beyond perfume (yes, they exist). whether this will come to anything remains to be seen, but for now: the doors are open, welcome.


gosborne said...

Looks like a great idea - and will make your blog stand-out amongst other perfume blogs as its got a theme. Subscribed.

dukeofpallmall said...

Thanks! I'm actually flattered to have you post the first comment here :).

Julie H. Rose said...

I just posted a entry on my blog entitled "Jicky vs The Republican National Convention".

Somehow I wove together politics and perfume.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you do it.

Angela Cox said...

Glad I found you,keep the doors open.